Project Dictator

(or ' Why Democracy is Overrated and I Don't Miss It At All')


Commissioned for New Diorama Theatre's  10th Anniversary Season. Touring from 2022.

PROJECT DICTATOR (or 'Why Democracy is Overrated and I Don't Miss It At All')   is a new production being developed with Hamish MacDougall (co-director of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS), and featuring the Rhum + Clay duo of Julian Spooner and Matt Wells. It focuses on the rise of a fictitious dictator in an alternative reality… a reality quite close to home. It is the Dictator's 50th year in charge and to commemorate the occasion a special performance is planned in his honour; a theatre production that tells of his wonderful and entirely ‘democratic’ rise to power. After many purges there are only two artists left for the job, they’re released from prison for the day to perform for the great leader. You’re invited along to see how they do.  

PROJECT DICTATOR is anarchic, comedic clowning at breakneck speed; Rhum + Clay at their virtuosic, physical best, exploring the power of the tin pot tyrants.

Cast & Creatives

Devised by Rhum + Clay

Co-Director: Hamish Macdougall
Performers: Julian Spooner and Matt Wells
Producer: Sally Cowling