“It is testament to their influence among the next generation of theatremakers that they are regularly named as being an inspiration by graduating companies making new work”

Rhum + Clay is an award-winning theatre company led by co-Artistic Directors, Julian Spooner and Matt Wells. 

Rhum + Clay began with friendship. Founding members Chris, Julian and Kris decided to form a company and, one anarchic show later, a name change, the addition of Matt and away we went! We rehearsed our first shows in various parks and bandstands. We’ve since graduated from parks to theatres, to bigger theatres, to theatres in other countries. What hasn’t changed is our desire to make work that ignites the audience’s imagination. There are also some spectacularly talented people who now work with us...

Everything that Rhum + Clay produces is developed collaboratively; from set designers to writers, performers and sound artists, everyone is together from day one to offer opinions and build the show together. 

Off-stage, our education programme is an extension of that creative process, celebrating the unique skills of each participant whilst giving them tools to create better theatre, collaboratively. Our hope is that many of the workshop participants will become future collaborators.

We are Artistic Associates of New Diorama Theatre and Redbridge Drama Centre who have supported and challenged us creatively and practically and over the long-term. We’ve also been supported by Arts Council England since 2012. We couldn't have done it without any of them and we are enormously grateful.

“It is testament to their influence among the next generation of theatremakers that they are regularly named as being an inspiration by graduating companies making new work”

Rhum + Clay THE TEAM

Co-Artistic Director - Julian Spooner

Julian is a multi-award winning actor, director, writer, and co-Artistic Director of Rhum + Clay. He studied Drama at the University of Bristol before training for two years at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris where he co-founded Rhum + Clay.

Julian has co-created all of their productions. Most recently he has co-directed Rhum + Clay’s critically-acclaimed production, 64 SQUARES, directed the multi-award winning, TESTOSTERONE and performed in the company’s version of Dario Fo’s MISTERO BUFFO for which he won the Stage Award for Acting Excellence.  In 2019 he co-directed THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, which will embark on a mid-scale tour of the UK and the US in 2021. Julian is also a keen filmmaker, having co-created the award-winning comedy short film, Toby (2018), and is currently developing a feature film screenplay. He’s also an Artistic Associate of Hoipolloi, and devised The Ladder with Shôn Dale-Jones and Stefanie Mueller in 2019.

Co-Artistic Director - Matt Wells

Matt is an actor, movement teacher and co-Artistic Director of Rhum + Clay. He studied Performance at the University of Western Sydney before training for two years at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris where he first joined the company. 

Since 2010 he has been the co-Artistic Director of Rhum + Clay, co-creating all of the company’s productions. He co-directed  and provided movement direction for the critically-acclaimed 64 SQUARES and was Movement Director for TESTOSTERONE and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. 

Matt is also passionate about teaching, having created and led workshops all over the world, most recently in Kazakhstan, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela and Australia. Since 2004 Matt has choreographed work for Australia’s farthest-reaching touring theatre company, Brainstorm, a company that performs to over 350,000 young people each year.

Senior Producer - Felicity Paterson 

Previously, Felicity was Senior Producer for Omnibus Theatre, where she was part of the original team that opened the venue in 2013, after which she spent 9 years developing this fledgling arts centre into the multi-award-winning theatre it is today. During this time, she launched Engine Room, Omnibus’ flagship artist support programme, programmed new work and produced the theatre’s in house-productions, co-productions and tours. She also led Omnibus’ Producing and Participation team.

Felicity is an experienced fundraiser and has raised over £600k for arts projects.

In 2022 she received a distinction in her MA in Arts Policy & Management where her research interests were cultural democracy, cultural labour and inclusive models of artist development.


Intoxicating alcoholic liquor. Best experienced in the form of a 3-Euro bottle from the supermarket.


The stuff of life. To be stretched, kicked and pulled into absolutely anything.

Rhum + Clay

Embracing the magical, the comical and the surreal, but getting down in the earth and the dirt where the real stories are found.


Rhum + Clay showreal



LUCY ADAMS   Technician; TWOTW
YNGVILD ASPELI   Devising Performer; The Sleeper  
EMILY BATES   Costume Designer; Mistero Buffo  
JESS BERNBERG   Lighting Designer; Man in the Moone
ALEX BRENNER   Photographer; A Strange Wild Song
JOLIE BOOTH   Producer; Testosterone 
DAN CANHAM   Choreographer; Sons and Lovers
GREG CEBULA   Lighting Designer; A Strange Wild Song
JASMIN COLE   Stage Manager; Mistero Buffo 
EMMA DARLOW   Deviser; Electronica
ROB DARCH    Photographer; A Strange Wild Song, Shutterland
WILLIAM DONALDSON   Actor; Testosterone 
SANDRA DEICKMANN   Illustrator; The Man In the Moone, Strange Wild Song
LAURENCE T DOYLE   Technician; Hardboiled, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 
CHARLOTTE DUBERRY   Deviser/Performer; 64 Squares 
KATE EDWARDS   Devising Performer; The Sleeper  
JANET ETUK   Deviser; Electronica 
BETH FLINTOFF   Writer/Director; Hardboiled, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde  
NICK FLINTOFF   Lighting Designer; Hardboiled, TWOTW
LUKE FORSYTH   Photographer; Testosterone, Mistero Buffo  
MONA GOODWIN    Devising Performer; TWOTW
BEN GRANT   Sound Designer; TWOTW, Electronica
HAYLEY GRINDLE   Set Designer; Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 
GREG HALL   Devising Performer; The Sleeper  
AMELIA JANE HANKIN   Set Designer; 64 Squares 
DAVID HARRIS   Set Designer; Hardboiled 
Deviser/Performer/Writer/Director; every show up to 64 Squares 
GEOFF HENSE   Lighting Designer; 64 Squares, Testosterone 
KIRSTY HOUSLEY   Deviser/Director; Electronica 
DOMINIC JEFFERY   Devising Performer; The Sleeper  
ALBERTA JONES   Designer; Testosterone, A Strange Wild Song
JESS MABEL JONES   Deviser/Performer; Hardboiled, TWOTW
SEAN JONES   Performer; Shutterland 
AELLA JORDAN-EDGE   Technician; A Strange Wild Song
EMILY KREIDER   Devising Performer; The Sleeper  
TRINI LEÓN   Technician; 64 Squares, Testosterone  
EMMA MARTIN   Marketing Consultant; TWOTW
PETE MAXEY   Lighting Designer; TWOTW
FRED MCCLAREN   Musician; 64 Squares 
TOM MORTON-SMITH   Writer; Electronica 
PURNI MORRELL   Director; Electronica 
ROISIN O'MAHONY   Performer; 64 squares 
JOHN OUIN   Musician; Mistero Buffo
NICHOLAS PITT   Director; Mistero Buffo
REBECCA PITT   Poster Designer; TWOTW
SACHA PLAIGE   Deviser; 64 Squares 
SARAH JULIE PUJOL   Technician; A Strange Wild Song
RACHEL PRYCE   Stage Manager; Mistero Buffo
KIT REDSTONE   Devisor/Performer/Writer; Testosterone 
DOUGLAS RINTOUL  Associate Director; Testosterone
RHYS ROBINSON   Photographer; Man in the Moone
GUY J SANDERS   Designer; R&C Website, TWOTW
NEIL STARKE   Production Manager; TWOTW & Sound Designer; Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Harboiled
SORCHA MAE STOTT-STRZALA   Technician; 64 Squares
VINEGAR STROKES (Daniel Jacob)   Deviser/Performer; Testosterone 
HANNAH TOOKEY   Producer; TWOTW, Mistero Buffo
PHILLIP TULL   Photographer; Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde 
AMALIA VITALE   Deviser/Performer; TWOTW 
PETER WEIDMANN   Performer; A Strange Wild Song
BETHANY WELLS   Designer; Electronica, TWOTW
DANIEL WILCOX   Deviser/Performer; A Strange Wild Song, Man in the Moone 
ELIZA WILLS-CRISP   Devising Performer; The Sleeper  
LAILA WOOZEER   Musician; A Strange Wild Song
PAUL WHEELER   Film Editor; From I to We



Anthony is Director of The Pleasance Theatre Trust.  Formerly he worked as Associate Producer for Glynis Henderson Productions on STOMP and Ennio Marchetto and as Production Manager with Cheek by Jowl.  Anthony has ‘made the odd film, produced the odd show and spent eight years travelling around the place’.


Nadia is currently Communications Manager at The Clore Leadership Programme. She has previously worked for The Albany, Deptford; house (Farnham Maltings); Soho Theatre and The Marlowe, Canterbury, as well as developing and running marketing workshops. Clients have included Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Theatre Royal Portsmouth, NSDF and the University of Surrey.


Sophie is currently Executive Producer at New Diorama Theatre. Sophie has run New Diorama alongside David Byrne, Artistic & Executive Director, since it opened in 2010. With extensive experience in running venues and events, Sophie now works part-time as a new mum and is responsible for managing organisational and project budgets and cash flow, alongside producing all in-house productions.


Sarah is an arts producer with a passion for contemporary performance, regional touring and artist development. Presently she is Senior Producer for Fuel and Course Associate on the Creative Producing MA at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Sarah is also a trustee of New Diorama Theatre and a Clore Emerging Leaders Alumnus.